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The Pittsburgh Daily Post reports that The Western Pennsylvania Canoe association has banned 'animal' dances — including the Kangaroo Dip and Sloth Squeeze — from its social gatherings. This is part of ongoing national attempts to ban such dances, usually performed to ragtime or jazz music.
The BBC in London bans Johnnie Ray's cover version of The Drifters' song Such A Night, deeming it too suggestive.
UK pop paper Melody Maker reports that the British Musicians Union has banned its members from performing in South Africa because of that country's apartheid policy. [censorship]
Luther Campbell, manager/promoter and member of controversial 90s rap recording stars 2 Live Crew is born in Miami, Florida, USA.
UK pop weekly Melody Maker reports that the BBC has banned rock group Nero And The Gladiators from performing their rock'n'roll version of Grieg's classical music melody In The Hall Of The Mountain King on British radio.
Gene Vincent arrives in the UK for a tour, but he is without his Bluecaps, because the Musicians' Union has banned them. For the tour, Vincent is backed by British band Sounds Incorporated
Teen pop idol Fabian makes his dramatic debut, playing a pathological killer, in A Lion Walks Among Us, an episode of the ABC-tv series Bus Stop in the USA. The storyline is deemed somewhat risque, so the show's normal sponsors refuse to handle it. Warner Bros step into the sponsorship gap, but critics will describe it as "sleazy", "sex-laden" and "just plain nasty".
Britain's national radio and television network The BBC (British Boradcasting Corporation) slaps a ban on novelty horror disc Monster Mash by Bobby 'Boris' Pickett And The Crypt-Kickers.
According to his book Stone Alone, Bill Wyman claims that "on December 18, 1964, news came from America that Little Red Rooster was banned from record release because of its 'sexual connotations'". This claim is debatable because there is little other evidence to support Wyman's contention.
A UK Silver Disc is awarded to the single Terry by Twinkle, which had been banned by both the BBC and ITV on grounds of 'bad taste', because it referred to the death of a teenager in a motorcycle smash.
After several months of deliberation, The Portuguese film censor releases The Beatles' film, A Hard Day's Night, but it is rated "for adults only".
In Jakarta, Indonesia, Asia, leaders of the Koes Bersaudara dance band are released from jail after three months. Their crime had been described as subversion, for performing cover versions of songs by The Beatles.
Massachusetts Supreme Court concludes that the principal of Attleboro High School in Massachusetts, USA, was right to ban student George Leonard from attending school because of the length of his hair. The Court decrees, "We are of the opinion that the unusual hair style of the plaintiff could disrupt and impede the maintenance of a proper classroom atmosphere or decorum. This is an aspect of personal appearance and hence akin to matters of dress. Thus as with any unusual, immodest or exaggerated mode of dress, conspicuous departures from accepted customs in the matter of haircuts could result in the distraction of other pupils." Leonard will not go back to high school, but will continue as a professional musician with his band The Cry Babies.
Lenny Bruce, supported by The Mothers Of Invention, plays the first of two nights at the Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, California, USA.
A shipment of the album Two Virgins by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, is confiscated at Newark airport, New Jersey, USA, because its cover, showing the couple naked, is deemed pornographic. The album will subsequently be sold in America in brown wrappers.
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Pete Seeger performs Waist Deep In The Big Muddy on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Show on tv in the USA. The song had been censored out of a previous appearance, because it is a metaphorical representation of the Vietnam War and President Lyndon Johnson's policy of escalation.
The Diocese of Rome announces that it "deplores the concept," of rock and roll masses but does not prohibit such services at The Church of San Lessio Falconieri in Italy, Europe.
Manfred Mann re-record the lyric of their upcoming single, My Name Is Jack, following objections from American distributors that it might inflame racial tensions.
The controversial and sexually explicit single Wet Dream by Max Romeo enters the UK singles chart. Despite being banned by the BBC, it rises to No10. In his defence, Mr Romeo claimed it was about sleeping in a hut with a leaky roof.
When black children in South Africa adopt Another Brick In The Wall by Pink Floyd as their anthem, censorship rears its ugly head - the single is banned by the apartheid regime.
It is announced in the UK press that the Anti-Nowhere League (ANL) has been found guilty of obscenity under the Obscene Publications Act because of the lyric of So What?, the b-side of their single The Streets Of London.
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UK police seize copies of the Anti-Nowhere League album Live In Yugoslavia, which is alleged to be obscene.
Bill Posters Will Be Banned play at The Half Moon, Putney, London, England, UK, Europe.
The Washington Wives' music censorship pressure group Parents Music Resource Center [PMRC] petitions the music business to introduce a rating system to warn buyers about violent or sexually explicit lyrics.
It is reported in Sounds music newspaper that Al Stewart is planning to provide facilities which would allow audience members to plug directly into the mixing desk at his concerts in order to make recordings of his live shows.
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The Redskins release a new single, Kick Over The Statues, on Abstract Dance Records in the UK. All proceeds from the single will go to the Anti-Apartheid Cause. The Redskins' regular record label, London Records, had chosen not to release it.
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When Twisted Sister play in San Antonio, Texas, USA, the city has recently passed an anti-rock music ordinance [in response to pressure from the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC), to prevent the appearance of artists who sing about such topics as necrophilia, paedophilia or bestiality. A group of local dignitaries monitor the show but later, in the band's dressing room, they mingle happily with the group.
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The Ice-T album Rhyme Pays becomes the first hip-hop album to be stickered with a warning label because of explicit lyrics.
After MTV edits secenes of semi-naked girls fondling phallic crucifixes from his Hot In The City video, Billy Idol refuses to let the channel air it, claiming they have "eliminated every scrap of meaning".
A case brought by the Rock Against Racism organisation, challenging New York City, USA's attempts to control noise levels at concerts in Central Park’s Naumberg Bandshell, is heard in the US Supreme Court. In due course, the court will decide that controlling noise levels at such venues does not violate the free speech rights of performers.
Police in Sarasota, Florida, USA, arrest a teenage record store clerk on obscenity charges for selling a 2 Live Crew LP to a minor.
When controversial rap band 2 Live Crew perform at The Ozone Club outside of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, they are warned by police that they will be arrested if they perform their vulgar songs. So the group encourages the crowd to sing the obscene lyrics for them, resulting in about 500 people singing, "that’s the way we like to fuck" as hapless police officers look on. No arrests are made.
Roman Catholic groups condemn Madonna's Blond Ambition concert tour as blasphemous due to the shows' overtly sexual and religious content. They also announce plans to have her concerts in Rome and Turin cancelled.
The trial of heavy metal band Judas Priest - based on allegations that subliminal messages in their 1978 LP Stained Class contributed to the deaths by suicide of fans Raymond Belknap and James Vance - comes to the end of its third week in Reno, Nevada, USA. Phyllis Vance, the mother of James, states, "They live off of young fans like my son, kids who invest all their money in bands like Judas Priest. James was my only child. He was my life. All the money in the world couldn't bring him back."
Madonna's Justify My Love video, recently banned by MTV, is aired in full on ABC-tv's Nightline.
Frank Zappa, Luther Campbell of 2 Live Crew and Joey Ramone of The Ramones are among musicians who condemn today's appointment of Al Gore as Bill Clinton's Presidential running mate in the USA. Their objections primarily focus on his wife, Tipper Gore, founder of the Parents Music Resource Centre, a pro-censorship body which forced record labels to put warning stickers on albums with content unsuitable for minors.
American rapper Luther Campbell (of 2 Live Crew fame) files for bankruptcy in Miami, Florida, after losing a $1.6 million court case against fellow rapper MC Shy D for allegedly cheating him out of royalties.
In the wake of the World Trade Center attack, 1200-station US radio network Clear Channel Communications bans all music by Rage Against The Machine and issues a don't-play list of 150 songs, ranging from Nena's hit 99 Red Balloons to John Lennon's Imagine, which includes the lyric, "I hope someday you'll join us/And the world will live as one."
Radio stations in the USA begin dropping Dixie Chicks tracks from their playlists because vocalist Natalie Maines recently stated that the group was ashamed of coming from the same state as President George Bush.
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When Ashlee Simpson plays at the Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida, USA, her song La La is almost drowned out by booing football fans – because she had been caught out for lip-synching during a recent Saturday Night Live tv appearance.
It is reported that the music retail chain HMV Canada has removed all Alanis Morissette product from its shelves because the singer-songwriter has lately struck an exclusive deal allowing the Starbucks Coffee chain to sell her new CD Jagged Little Pill Acoustic.
It is reported that Russia has banned the sale of music CDs, DVDs and videocassettes from street markets and kiosks, thus indicating that the Kremlin is getting serious about combating piracy.
Following the recent banning of Pete Doherty's band Babyshambles from headlining the Moonfest Festival in Westbury, Wiltshire, UK, this year's event is cancelled by the organisers.
Four employees of the Sri Lankan broadcaster The Maharaja Organization are injured when citizens stage a protest against a planned show by Akon. The protesters throw rocks and stones at the Maharaja building because the broadcaster is sponsoring the gig.
Bob Dylan posts a statement on his website refuting persistent rumours that he had been subjected to censorship during his recent concerts in China, Asia.
It is reported that French far right leader Marine Le Pen is considering suing Madonna if she uses a video depicting the Front National president with a swastika on her face during upcoming performances on her MDNA Tour in France, Europe. Madonna had used the imagery during a concert in Israel just a few days earlier.
Shazad Iqbal From Bradford, UK, launches an online petition to have Katy Perry's latest video, Dark Horse, removed from YouTube on the grounds that it includes blasphemy against Allah.
Nicki Minaj releases a new single, Anaconda, whose sexually provocative cover art is censored on several digital music stores with a 'Parental Advisory' label.
Bruce Springsteen cancels a concert in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA, because of a state law which has invalidated anti-discrimination measures that protected gay and transgender people. The law also requires people to use public toilets that correspond to the sex listed on their birth certificates.
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Rihanna posts the question, "Why aren't we talking about this?!" via Twitter to draw attention to violent clashes between police and farmers in India, Asia. The farmers had been protesting contoversial new agriculture laws approved in September. After the clashes, India cut off internet access around New Delhi. Other celebrities including Greta Thunberg and Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma subsequently joined in Rihanna's action.