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Physician and chemist Sir James Jay invents the first modern invisible ink, one which could only be revealed by a unique, specially formulated reagent. This was his solution to a major problem - the need of the USA to transmit messages which could not be read by the British during the Revolutionary War. Artists including Aimee Mann, Marillion, Verbose, Chateau Berber and Blowsight have all been inspired by Sir James' invention to write songs entitled Invisible Ink.
William Finley Semple of Mount Vernon, Ohio, USA, takes out a patent on a new foodstuff - chewing gum. The substance will provide inspiration for many songs, including Chewing Gum by The Carter Family [1928], Chewing Gum Mama by The Three Flames [1950], Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour by Lonnie Donegan [1959] and Chewing Gum by Annie [2004].
Thomas Edison is granted a patent, No 400646, in connection with his invention the phonograph-recorder and reproducer.
Thomas Edison is granted patent No. 423,029 in connection with his invention of a phonograph for dolls or other toys.
Gustav Otto and Ferdinand Schaub of Jersey City, Jersey, USA, apply for a patent for their invention of a new and improved type of mechanical music box.
Francis Lincoln Young of London, UK, files patent application NoUS718410A in respect of his invention of a new type of music-roll for mechanical musical instruments.
The first West-East transatlantic radio transmission takes place between Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada and Poldhu, Cornwall, England, UK, Europe, at a frequency around 182 kHz.
Benjamin F. Knell of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, registers a patent application for his invention of a Mandolin Pick Holder, designed to be mounted on the headstock of a mandolin as a convenient means of holding a supply of mandolin picks.
Theodor Weisser of Neustadt, Schwarzwald, Germany applies for a US Patent for an improved metronome which he has invented. It is described as a metronome, "in which hammerstrokes on a fixed bell are regulated by means of a sliding lever, one end of which I form or provide with a toothed or notched scale to indicate the different measures to which the mechanism for operating the bell is set and at the same time to lock said lever in position."
US patent number 723,235 is awarded to G.A Brachhausen of The Regina Music Box Company, Rahway, New Jersey, USA, for his invention of a novel design for an automatic mechanical musical instrument.
The Original Dixieland Jazz band records several tracks for Columbia Records in New York City, USA, but the technicians sabotage the session and damage the recordings.
Radio broadcasting pioneer Frank Conrad makes his first transmission using phonograph records from a low-power tube transmitter in a shed at the rear of his home at Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, USA.
The modern style jukebox is born when Bertram C. Kenyon, Wilmur W. Boa, and Clifford H. Green apply for a patent for a coin-operated phonograph with a record changing mechanism. As a result, the Automatic Musical Instrument Co (AMI) will introduce the first coin-operated, electrically amplified, 20-selection phonograph based on a mechanical ten-record system that plays both sides of each disc.
Leonarde Keeler tests the first Keeler Polygraph machine for the Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory at Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Although earlier polygraphs existed, Keeler's improved device is legally regarded as the first modern lie detector. The invention, although regarded by some as pseudo-science, will capture the public imagination and will inspire the writing of several songs including Lie Detector [1996] by Sleeper, Lie Detector [1988] by The Reverend Horton Heat, Lie Detector [2000] by Mya.
Avedis Zildjian III of Quiney, Massachusetts, is granted a patent in the USA for a new type of 'high pitch cymbal'.
Roman E. Shvetz of New York City, USA, is granted US Patent No.2,599,948 for his invention of a combination rocking chair and musical box.
The International Geophysical Year aka I.G.Y. begins, and will run until December 31, 1958. The year (actually 18 months) is intended to signal a new era of international co-operation being made possible by the end of the Cold War. On his 1982 album The Nightfly, Donald Fagen will include the song I.G.Y. (What A Beautiful World), expressing the hopes of a young man in the fifties looking forward to a bright new future for the world.
The Manchester Guardian newspaper reports that stereophonic discs will be available in the UK within a few months. Critic Edward Greenfield notes that, "There are those who confidently believe that, ultimately, 'stereo' will take first place as a gramophone medium."
Lee De Forest who, in 1915, invented an electronic instrument called The Audion Piano, the first musical instrument to use a vacuum tube, dies in Hollywood, California, USA. At the time of his death, De Forest has just $1,250 in his bank account.
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The highest new entry in the Cashbox magazine chart of the best-selling singles in the USA is Transistor Sister by Freddy Cannon entering at No77.
RCA announce the launch of "The Prompter", a new portable hi-fi tape cartridge player selling at $99.95. It will not find wide public acceptance.
The UK's singing milkman Craig Douglas advertises a new kind of juke box called the Scopitone, which features colour film clips to accompany each disc. The idea, invented in France, does not catch on.
The House Committee of Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, USA, meets to discuss the installation of a new hi-fi in the music room.
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The New York Times publishes a feature reporting that two Russian scientists, Gnady Sholomitsky and Nikolai Kardashev, have concluded that radio emissions from the distant quasar CTA-102 might indicate the existence of intelligent life in that region of space. Inspired by this story, The Byrds will record the song CTA-102 in 1967, speculating on the possibility of life in outer space.
During a B.B. King gig at The Generation Club, New York City, USA, Jimi Hendrix jams with B.B. King, Paul Butterfield, Elvin Bishop, David Sanborn, Buzzy Feiten and Al Kooper. Hendrix records the jam using his personal Sony two-track reel-to-reel recorder, and some tracks will appear on the posthumous LP Jimi Hendrix - Bleeding Heart.
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Jerry Butler records Hey, Western Union Man and Can't Forget About You, Baby, at Cameo-Parkway Studios, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, with production duo Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff.
David Bowie plays at the College of Technology, Ealing, London, England, UK, Europe.
British music paper Record Mirror reports that Island Records has stopped releasing singles in mono. All future releases on the label will be in stereo.
The Third Ear Band play at the North Staffs College of Technology, North Staffordshire, England, UK, Europe, supported by Al Stewart.
Tom Wilson, producer of albums for Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, The Mothers Of Invention and others, dies of a heart attack in Los Angeles, aged 47.
Motown Records enter the CD age with their first eight releases in the new format.
Sleeper release their debut album, Smart, on Indolent Records in the UK.
Ashlee Simpson is distraught when the accidental transmission of her pre-recorded vocal during a supposedly live appearance on tv show Saturday Night Live in the USA makes it obvious that she isn’t live at all. She quits the stage, leaving her band to finish the song without her.
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The new 50 Cent album, Massacre, appears online before its scheduled release date, forcing the rapper to bring release forward from 7 March to 3 March.
A 'carbon neutral' CD edition of Bob Dylan's classic 1966 album Blonde On Blonde is released in the UK.
Former Stranglers leader Hugh Cornwell sounds off against record companies' efforts to stop illegal downloading of music. "The internet is the perfect delivery system for music, so why not use it?," he demands. "I don't see it as being exploited at all - I think we are exploiting the internet."
Kodak announces the end of production of Kodachrome film, because demand for the product has declined. Paul Simon's song, Kodachrome, which appeared on his 1973 album There Goes Rhymin' Simon, included the line 'Mama, don't take my Kodachrome away'. Mama didn't but, on this day, Kodak did.
China's Ministry of Culture issues a notice listing 68 online music sites which have violated the ministry's regulations and failed to obtain the necessary operating license. Before the end of the month, more than twenty of the sites listed will close down.
Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran announce on Instagram that they will be releasing a duet 'soon'.
Rihanna notches up four billion views on her You Tube channel: RihannaVEVO. Rihanna is the most viewed musician and the first person to reach this many views.
Jessie J posts a statement on her Twitter page declaring that she will not tolerate racist comments on the page. She had noticed racist remarks from some of her fans, and immediately blocked the offending comments from her page.
Spotify publishes a list of the top five acts who have seen the biggest increase in streams as a result of their appearances at this year's Glastonbury Festival, as follows :

1. Ed Sheeran - 195% increase

2. Metallica - 165% increase

3. Arcade Fire - 148% increase

4. Rodrigo y Gabriela - 123% increase

5. Dolly Parton - 95% increase

It is reported that a silent LP called Sleepify, released by a Los Angeles funk band called Vulfpeck, has been streamed 5.5m times which has earned the band almost $20,000. The band says the cash will be used to fund a live tour. The album was intended as a protest against Spotify as well as a means of raising tour funding.
On his x (pronounced Multiply) Tour, Ed Sheeran plays at The MTS Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He later reveals that the concert brought the first-ever complaint he'd had at a live show, when a member of the audience demanded their money back claiming that Ed clearly had a secret band and backing track that the crowd couldn’t see. (In fact, Sheeran's shows are all performed entirely by himself, using a looping pedal to create multi-layered backing tracks over which he sings.)
Lady Gaga Tweets that she has just worn "my own personal Iron Maiden "NUMBER OF THE BEAST" tee-shirt on a major fashion cover" (for the magazine Fashion Book, Issue 7).
In the wake of her Twitter posting which states that, "I've only ever been sexually assaulted by white males", Lily Allen becomes embroiled in a heated social media feud with former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson who berates her as a "f***ing idiot". Miss Allen's views clearly struck a nerve with the extreme white racist elements who saw her posting.
It is reported that Ed Sheeran has made streaming history by notching up a combined 13m global streams in the first 24 hours on sale of his single Shape Of You/Castle On The Hill. Shape Of You racked up 6,868,642 and Castle On The Hill accumulated 6,168,395, Ed has now overtaken the previous record holders, One Direction, who notched up 4,759,698 streams with Drag Me Down in August 2015.
On their WorldWired tour, Metallica play the first of three nights at The Royal Arena, Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe, supported by Hatesphere. This show marks the opening of The Royal Arena.
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Singer Solange takes to Instagram to reveal her outfit for the recent Mardi Gras celebrations in her adopted hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. The Instagram image shows Solange wearing a leather jacket and a black cowboy hat decorated with crystals to create a sparkling fringe. The outfit was reportedly designed by her teenege son, Julez.
Brian Eno is presented with a certificate to commemorate the recently discovered Asteroid 81948 being officially named after him. The presentation takes place at the prestigious science festival Starmus V, in Zurich, Switzerland, Europe.