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Anthony Faas, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is granted a patent for a new musical instrument which he calls an accordion.
Dmitri Mendeleev presents the first periodic table of the elements to the Russian Chemical Society in St. Petersburg, Russia, Europe. Ninety years later, satirist Tom Lehrer will be inspired to write and record The Elements, which sets the periodic table to music.
Emile Berliner is awarded his second patent, No 382,790, relating to a new sound recording and playback invention which he calls the Gram-O-Phone.
William Gabrielson of Kansas City, Missouri, USA, files a patent application for a "hollow bridge" device for stringed instruments which will, he claims, greatly improve "the volume of sound and the quality of the tone."
C.L. Emmons of Oranford, New Jersey, USA, is granted Patent No. US698480A for his invention of a new mechanical musical instrument in which a number of mechanical sounds are reduced in volume.
The Coin Harp Model Harmonica by Carl Strauss, Germany, Europe, is patented in the UK
Albert Leech of Arlington, New Jersey, USA, files a patent application for his invention of an improved type of whistle which, he claims, will "improve the tone quality and convert a single-tone whistle into an instrument having a range of two or more octaves, and, furthermore, to construct the same so that it may be mastered by unskilled persons, without practice, to reproduce any familiar air or melody".
Joseph Wieser of Brooklyn, New York City, USA, is granted Patent No.US719926A for his invention of a pedal mechanism for self-playing attachments for pianos.
Inventor Albert E Jones of The Virgil Practice Clavier Company of New York City, USA, is granted a patent for a "new and useful Improvement in Exercising-Keyboards for Musicians".
Harold W. Shonnard of New York City, USA,is granted Patent No. US824315A in respect of his invention of a self-playing musical instrument.
Lester Polfus is born in Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA. He will find fame as Les Paul, the innovative guitarist often credited with inventing the first electric guitar. He will also enjoy a successful recording career, as half of the husband and wife duo Les Paul And Mary Ford.
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Three hundred Edison Phonograph dealers arrive in West Orange, New Jersey, USA, to attend the first Edison Dealers Convention. The two day event includes a demonstration in which soprano Alice Verlet is accompanied by music played on an Edison Gramophone using an Edison Diamond Disc. Her performance wins a standing ovation, illustrating how realistic the music produced by the Edison technology seemed to the listeners. (Given that the audience were all Edison dealers, their enthusiasm is perhaps not too surprising). The demonstration will be repeated many times on a promotional tour of the USA.
Vincent Lopez And His Orchestra begin broadcasting on the newest medium of entertainment - radio. The band's weekly 90-minute show on Newark, New Jersey station WJZ will boost the popularity of both himself and of radio. His first words on air, "Hello everybody - Lopez speaking," will be repeated for 45 years, becoming the most enduring sign-on of any major American bandleader.
Cabinet designer Paul M. Fuller of The Rudolph Wurlitzer Co is granted US Patent No. D.99,277 for his 'Model 312' jukebox.
Guy Hart of Gibson Guitars in the USA applies for a patent for the Gibson EH-150 Pickup, also known as The Charlie Christian Pickup. This is the first electric guitar pickup, and will revolutionise popular music.
George Delmetia Beauchamp dies of a heart attack while deep-sea fishing near Los Angeles, California, USA. After starting a career as a vaudeville musician, George Beauchamp became an inventor of musical instruments and a co-founder of The National Stringed Instrument Corporation and Rickenbacker guitars. Along with engineer Adolph Rickenbacker, he designed and patented the world's first electric guitar, known as The Frying Pan, because of its long neck and round body.
RCA engineer Herbert Belar and his boss Harry F. Olson demonstrate one of the first experimental models of an electronic music synthesiser to RCA officials in New York City, USA, having it perform renditions of Home Sweet Home and Blue Skies.
John L. Burnett and Bert Smith of Kansas City, Missouri, USA, are granted US patent No.US2595510 A in respect of their invention of an apparatus for the transmission of music from a central studio to a plurality of subscribers.
David Michael Hasselhoff is born in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. He will find success as actor, singer, producer and businessman David Hasselhoff, aka 'The Hoff'. His best-known tv roles came in Knight Rider and Baywatch.
James Greco of Chicago, Illinois, USA, applies for a US patent in respect of his invention of a "musical eating utensil". The invention is, in essence, a whistle or flute-like instrument incorporated into the hollow handle of a fork, knife or spoon, with the intention of making eating-time more fun for small children.
Eric Clapton is given a Grundig Cub reel-to-reel tape recorder for Christmas and begins singing into it, accompanied by records.
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The highest new entry in the Cashbox magazine chart of the best-selling singles in the USA is Transistor Sister by Freddy Cannon entering at No77.
The Beatles record ten tracks (including Misery and A Taste Of Honey) for their debut album, Please Please Me, in EMI's Abbey Road Studios, London, England, UK, Europe.
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While working with Bob Dylan on his new electric music, Columbia Records producer Tom Wilson has some free studio time. Using Dylan's musicians, he overdubs electric guitar and drums onto The Sound Of Silence, a song by acoustic folk duo Simon And Garfunkel, in the hope that it might be a hit during the current folk-rock boom.
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It is reported that Tower Records in San Francisco and Sacramento, California, USA, have begun test-marketing a new record format - the 12" vinyl disc. The first such product is Glad Rag Doll / For Once In My Life by fingerstyle jazz guitarist Buddy Fite on Cycle Records. The disc is a limited edition of just "a few hundred" copies, packaged in a plain white paper sleeve, to discover if consumers who have stopped by 7" records might be attracted to the larger 12" format.
The Voyager 1 spacecraft is launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA, to begin a Grand Tour of the Solar System and beyond. On board is the Voyager Golden Record, carrying a collection of 116 images plus a variety of natural sounds, including surf, wind, thunder and animal sounds. Examples of music by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chuck Berry, Louis Armstrong, Blind Willie Johnson and others are also included.
Promoted as 'the first laser-etched single' The Best Of Times by Styx is released in the UK.
ZZ Top make advance bookings for seats on the first passenger flight to the Moon.
The Durutti Column release their new album The Guitar And Other Machines on Digital Audio Tape in the UK, despite the fact that DAT players are not yet being marketed to the British public.
Cher enters the UK singles chart at No1 with Believe. Noted for its use of Antares Auto-Tune pitch-correction software on her vocals, it will become one of the best-selling singles of all time, selling over 10m copies worldwide.
Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville, presiding over Michael Jackson's child molestation trial in Santa Maria, California, USA, rules that adult material from Internet sites found on Jackson's computers, is not admissible as prosecution evidence because it may have been automatically stored by the computers and because "there wouldn't be any way of knowing if anyone looked at the material."
It is reported that Daniel Bendor and Xiaoqin Wang of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, have identified neurons in the brain which are pitch-sensitive. This discovery might help to explain how the mind grasps and appreciates music.
White Stripes do their first live webcast from Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, Maryland, USA.
Former Stranglers leader Hugh Cornwell sounds off against record companies' efforts to stop illegal downloading of music. "The internet is the perfect delivery system for music, so why not use it?," he demands. "I don't see it as being exploited at all - I think we are exploiting the internet."
Qué Bonita Bandera by Puerto Rican singer, trovador, and composer Ramito, is played as part of the wake-up call for Space Shuttle Mission STS-119, in honor of Mission Specialist Joe Acaba, whose ancestry is Puerto Rican.
Kylie Minogue posts a rebuttal on Twitter denying recent reports that she is a lesbian. The diminutive gay icon fumes "OMG such a load of hype and nonsense ... misquotes and an interview that never HAPPENED!!! Grrrrr!!!."
Jack Johnson releases a new album, To The Sea, on Island Records in the USA. The album was recorded in Johnson's native Hawaii using 100% solar power.
Microsoft launch a new dance-teaching game, Dance Central, for their new Kinect console. The game, made by Harmonix/MTV Games, features contemporary songs including Poker Face by Lady Gaga.
A court in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Europe, rules that the three Swedish owners of The Pirate Bay must block traffic between it and the Netherlands within ten days or face legal action.
At the stroke of midnight on New Year Lady Gaga posts a photograph of her naked posterior on her Twitter site in order to promote the imminent arrival of her next single, Born This Way.
Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull takes part in a duet with American astronaut Colonel Catherine Coleman to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin's first manned space flight in 1961. While the pair play an excerpt from Bouree from Tull's Stand Up album, Anderson is live on stage in Perm, Russia, and Coleman is in orbit around the world aboard the International Space Station.
Built To Spill play a concert in Seattle, Washington, USA, as part of the 10-year anniversary celebrations of music streaming service Rhapsody.
An individual going by the name of @Gunn2urhead begins sending death threats via Twitter to Shirley Manson, the singer with Garbage. On this day alone, over 200 threats are sent.
Accoring to a report, titled Observatory of Privacy and Digital Content Consumer Habits for 2013, 84% of online content consumed in Spain, Europe, is pirated. The report is commissioned by a coalition of music, movie, publishing and videogame companies.
Morrissey (apparently) makes his first posting on Twitter with the words, 'Hello. Testing. 1,2,3. Planet Earth, are you there? One can only hope..."
Tulisa rush-releases her new single, Living Without You, in the UK, because the track has been leaked online. The original intended release date was December 7.
Ed Sheeran begins the day by visiting SiriusXM in New York City, USA, to promote Jamie Lawson, the first signing to his new Gingerbread Man label. The rest of the promo-oriented day includes stops at Buzzfeed, Spotify, Extra, Atlantic Records, The Charlie Rose Show on PBS, and a guest slot with Rudimental at Webster Hall.
In an Instagram posting, Ed Sheeran announces his temporary withdrawal from social media, declaring that he has become disenchanted with the way it has intruded on his life.
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Having previously denied that model Hailey Baldwin is his girlfriend, Justin Bieber unexpectedly posts pictures of the pair kissing and canoodling on his Instagram account.
Taylor Swift makes her music catalogue available on streaming services again, bringing an end to a high-profile music business feud which begin in 2014. Swift had removed her catalogue from Spotify because she felt it did not fairly compensate the creative people who made music. She now claims that she "“wants to thank her fans by making her entire back catalog available to all streaming services tonight at midnight.”