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Thomas Edison is awarded patent No 394,105, in connection with a phonograph-recorder. He is also granted a patent, No 394106, in connection with his invention the phonograph-reproducer.
Thomas Edison applies for a patent in connection with his invention of a phonograph for dolls or other toys.
Adolf Adam Riggenbacher and his parents leave Basel, Switzerland to start a new life in the USA. In the 1920s, after having adapted his name to Adolph Rickenbacker, he will found The Rickenbacker Manufacturing Company and, with vaudeville musician George Beauchamp, he will design and patent the world's first electric guitar, known as The Frying Pan, because of its long neck and round body.
Gustav Otto and Ferdinand Schaub of Jersey City, Jersey, USA, apply for a patent for their invention of a new and improved type of mechanical music box.
Charles Harris Shaw of Brooklyn, New York City, USA, makes Patent Application No US709054A in respect of his invention of a new type of perforated music-sheet for automatic musical instruments.
Theodore P. Brown of Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, applies for a patent in respect of his invention of an automatic playing attachment for pneumatically-operated pianos.
Peter H. Foley of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, files a US patent application for his invention of a new type of banjo leg rest, intended to free the performer from having to use both arms to support the instrument while playing.
Enea Flavio Giacardi of Milan, Italy, is granted a patent for his 16-selection 'Fonografo Giacardi Automatico' - a coin-operated phonograph.
The modern style jukebox is born when Bertram C. Kenyon, Wilmur W. Boa, and Clifford H. Green apply for a patent for a coin-operated phonograph with a record changing mechanism. As a result, the Automatic Musical Instrument Co (AMI) will introduce the first coin-operated, electrically amplified, 20-selection phonograph based on a mechanical ten-record system that plays both sides of each disc.
George Eisenberg of Brooklyn, New York, USA, files patent application Serial No. 351,874. with the US Patent office for an electrical amplification device to be fitted to a violin, "so that the resultant volume is equal to that of several stringed instruments instead of to one".
Gibson sound engineer and master luthier Lloyd Loar dies aged 57 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Loar is famed for his F5 model mandolin, L5 guitar, H5 mandola, K5 mandocello, and A5 mandolin, and he was also one of the first people to design an electric pickup for acoustic instruments.
Rumours have begun circulating in the USA that an imminent shortage of vinyl could threaten the production of 45rpm records.
The first commercial colour telecast - an hour-long musical variety special titled Premiere - is transmitted by CBS from New York City, USA, to four other cities.
Lennie Tristano records Ju-ju and Pastime for East Wind Records in Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey, USA. Tristano will be widely criticised for using multi-track studio techniques to add extra piano parts to his compositions on this and other albums.
It is reported that consternation is being caused in the music business by so-called 'noise and sound' records. These are records on which modern recording techniques such as echo chambers, speeded up and reversed tapes are being used to create new sounds. Traditional songwriters and publishers are reported as being concerned that their efforts are being ignored in favour of 'noise and sound' releases.
Vocalist Chris Connor records her first sides with The Stan Kenton band, including And The Bull Walked Around, Ole, in Capitol Studios, Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA.
It is reported that Vee-Jay Records of Chicago, Illinois, USA, is reducing the price of its stereo releases to match the price of its mono releases. Stereo jazz albums will be cut from $%.98 to $4.98, while pop LPs will be reduced from $4.98 to $3.98. High prices for stereo releases are felt to be restricting sales of those albums.
The relevance of stereo to the existing music market place is debated in a special session conducted by NARAS in The Great Northern Hotel, New York City, USA. Participants in the session include Enoch Light (musician and businessman), Bill Miltenburg (sound engineer), Dave Kapp (Kapp Records) and Gerry Mulligan (jazz musician).
The patent for the Gibson Maestro Fuzz-Tone guitar effects pedal is filed in the USA.
Elvis Presley arranges a private screening of the Peter Sellers film Doctor Strangelove, for himself and friends at The Memphian Theater, Memphis, Tennessee, USA.
The Beach Boys release a new album, Beach Boys' Concert, in the USA on Capitol Records. Unfortunately, many of the tracks are studio recordings doctored to mske them sound live.
The New York Times publishes a feature reporting that two Russian scientists, Gnady Sholomitsky and Nikolai Kardashev, have concluded that radio emissions from the distant quasar CTA-102 might indicate the existence of intelligent life in that region of space. Inspired by this story, The Byrds will record the song CTA-102 in 1967, speculating on the possibility of life in outer space.
As astronauts James Lovell and Frank Borman hurtle back to earth aboard Gemini 7, NASA asks if there's any music they would particularly like to hear. Their answer is I'll Be Home For Christmas by Bing Crosby, making it the first song request to be transmitted to outer space.
US music trade magazine Billboard reports that 8-Track Tape Cartridge units are experiencing a sales upsurge because the car industry is in a strong sales phase.
Guitarist Robert Fripp performs a live Frippertronics concert at The Sound Warehouse in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
UK music trade magazine Record Retailer reports that, "Pre-recorded tapes are still the only bright area in a dull market."
A group of Polydor Records management/executives fly in a private plane from Heathrow Airport, London, England, UK, Europe, to Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris, France, Europe, to visit Jean Michel Jarre in his home and hear his forthcoming LP, Zoolook, for the first time. (See Johnny Black's diary entry, attached, for a brief glimpse into Jarre's world).
Russian cosmonauts take a cassette of the latest Pink Floyd album, Delicate Sound Of Thunder, aboard Soyuz 7 and play it in orbit, making Pink Floyd the first rock band to be played in space. Pink Floyd members David Gilmour and Nick Mason attend the launch of the spacecraft.
Fragments of an object designated as Comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 are colliding spectacularly with the planet Jupiter. This is the first collision of two solar system bodies ever to have been observed. The Cure's 1996 song Jupiter Crash is about a couple watching the crash from earth and the effect it has on them.
Sleeper release their debut album, Smart, on Indolent Records in the UK.
Cher enters the UK singles chart at No1 with Believe. Noted for its use of Antares Auto-Tune pitch-correction software on her vocals, it will become one of the best-selling singles of all time, selling over 10m copies worldwide.
Cornell Zachary of Los Angeles, California, USA, files a lawsuit against Duran Duran claiming that, because his phone number was mistakenly given out as their contact number, he has been flooded with calls, resulting in invasion of privacy and emotional distress. More specifically, Zachary claims to have suffered "life-threatening high blood-pressure episodes" and developed a sleeping disorder.
The highest new entry in the UK singles chart is 'N Dey Say by Nelly, entering at No6. The Crazy Frog remains at No1 with Axel F. 'N Dey Say makes use of a significant sample taken from True by Spandau Ballet.
A 'carbon neutral' CD edition of Bob Dylan's classic 1966 album Blonde On Blonde is released in the UK.
An individual going by the name of @Gunn2urhead begins sending death threats via Twitter to Shirley Manson, the singer with Garbage. On this day alone, over 200 threats are sent.
After learning that his 11-year-old stepson, Kyle Glover, is critically ill in hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, following a Jet Ski accident, Usher cancels a live appearance at tonight's ESPY Sports Awards in the Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles, California, USA.
It is announced that Madonna is being sued by VMG Salsoul for copyright infringement, on the grounds that string and horn parts of The Salsoul Orchestra's 1977 song Ooh I Love It [Love Break] were buried in the mix of her hit single Vogue The sample is said to have been purposely buried in the mix to avoid detection and was only detected through the use of sophisticated software analysis.
Howard H. Scott, a member of the Columbia Records team that introduced the long-playing vinyl record in 1948, dies aged 92 of cancer in Reading, Pennsylvania, USA.
Spotify drops a totally silent LP called Sleepify, by a Los Angeles funk band called Vulfpeck, citing "violations of the service's content policies" as a reason. The album was intended as a protest against Spotify as well as a means of raising tour funding. Up to the time it was pulled off Spotify it had been streamed 5.5m times, earning the band almost $20,000.
Taylor Swift does a worldwide live stream on Yahoo.
During an Apple product launch in Cupertino, California, USA, U2 perform The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone), a track from their new album, Songs of Innocence. They then reveal that the entire album is to be released free of charge on iTunes.
Hip-hop collective Odd Future launches its own 24/7 commercial free online radio channel, streaming live at dashradio.com.
It is reported that online music service Apple Music, started just seven months earlier, now has 10m paying subscribers. Apple's main rival, Spotify, took six years to reach the 10m mark.
When DJ Khaled unwisely flashes his American Express black card in a Snapchat post, eagle-eyed followers take down the card numbers and make purchases allegedly totalling $80,000.
It is reported that terrorist organisation Islamic State (ISIS) has used Justin Bieber's hashtag to post a 15 minute video with horrific and graphic images, with the intention of bringing its message to the attention of at least some of Bieber's 74m Twitter followers.
Singer-songwriter Don McLean posts a statement on Twitter declaring, "This last year and especially now have been hard emotional times for my wife my children and me. What is occurring is the very painful breakdown of an almost 30-year relationship." The statement is in response to his recent arrest on charges of domestic violence in Camden, Maine, USA, where he has a home with his wife, Patrisha.
Billboard magazine reports that SoundExchange, an organisation which collects and distributes digital royalties for labels and artists for non-interactive transmissions (Pandora, SiriusXM and others), may lose $200m in revenue in 2017, because some major satellite, digital radio and cable music players are moving away from using compulsory licenses for recorded music, signing direct deals with record labels.
Robbie Williams posts a humourous video on Instagram in response to criticisms which surfaced after he used hand santiser liquid to clean his hands after touching fans during his New Year's Eve concert.
Model Bella Hadid hits the 'unfollow' button on Selena Gomez's Instagram profile, after seeing pictures on the internet of her former boyfriend The Weeknd and Ms Gomez kissing, cuddling and holding hands in the restaurant Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, California, USA.
During a Television Critics Association panel discussion for American Idol, Katy Perry reveals that she has problems deciding how much and what kind of information to share with her fans. "It's like walking a tightrope," she says. "You don't have to answer any question. You're not under oath. You don't have to leave bread crumbs all over social media if you don't want to. But some people do that and need that and it's a tool. Listen, all the fame stuff is just a by-product of what I do, it's not what I sought out to do. I just wanted to tell stories and sing and connect with people." Perry, at this point, has over 170m followers across Twitter and Instagram.