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A 10-second recording of a singer performing the folk song Au Clair de la Lune is made in Paris, France, Europe, by Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville, on his invention the phonautograph, a machine designed to record sounds visually, in soot on a glass surface, but incapable of playing them back. Playback of this recording will not be effected until 2008 by a group of American audio historians. It is nevertheless, the first documented recording of a human voice.
Powder And Capman offer 'song sayings and sprightly stepping', while Dumas And Floyd provide 'smart songs and chatter' at The Regent Theatre, Tacoma, Washington, USA. [Also on the bill are Felix - The Mind-reading Duck and Bob - The Fighting Kangaroo].
Neil Innes, songwriter, vocalist and guitarist with the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band and The Rutles, is born in Essex, England, UK.
On returning to New York City, USA, after a visit to the UK, Frank Sinatra reveals that he found the game of cricket baffling. "I watched a couple of cricket matches with a set of rules in my hand but I couldn't make any headway," he says. "They start the game on Monday and are still trying to finish it on Wednesday. That's too much for me."
Recent announcements in astrophysics are reportedly provoking responses from music business executives, bemused about what it might mean if man does actually land on the moon by 1960 and other planets before 1975. Publisher Rocco Vocco, of Bregman, Vocco And Conn, speculates in Billboard magazine that, "It takes 36 years to get to Aldebaran, and a song published by us today would be in the public domain by the time it reached there. Our firm cannot afford to have the entire Milky Way singing our songs for free. Something must be done."
Johnny Cash, June Carter, Flatt and Scruggs and Marty Robbins play in Camden, New Jersey, USA. While Robbins performs, Cash's bass player Marshall Grant lobs an M-80 firework into a backstage urinal, and the resulting blast covers a dressing room in sewage.
Former President of the USA, Dwight Eisenhower tells a press conference that, "I have no objection to The Twist as such, but it does represent some kind of change in our standards."
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Having completed filming for their second film, Help!, provisionally titled Eight Arms To Hold You, The Beatles fly from Salzburg, Austria, Europe, to London, UK.
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Aspiring young rock'n'roll artist Frank Zappa and go-go dancer Lorraine Belcher are arrested in Cucamonga, near Los Angeles, California, USA, for their part in manufacturing a sex audio tape. Zappa will spend ten days in jail as a result.
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Columbia Records deliver a second version of the new Bob Dylan single, Positively Fourth Street to radio stations in California, USA. 17,000 copies of the first version had accidentally been pressed up with a demo of Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? instead of Positively Fourth Street. Radio stations had been playing the single for several days without realising it was not the right song.
When popular trumpet player Al Hirt keeps the audience waiting for him to appear at Penn Theatre in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, a search begins and Hirt is discovered sound asleep in his hotel bedroom. The show begins an hour and a half late.
Iron Butterfly's psychedelic classic In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, produced by Shadow Morton, enters Billboard's Hot 100 chart in the USA at 117. (The song was originally entitled In The Garden Of Eden, but singer Doug Ingle was so drunk when he told the lyric to drummer Ron Bushy that Bushy wrote the words down incorrectly.)
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Led Zeppelin play the last of three nights at Winterland, San Francisco, California, USA, supported by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.
The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band plays at a New Year's Party in The Pink Flamingo Club, Soho, London, England, UK, Europe.
Spirit play at the Lyceum Ballroom, London, supported by Joe Cocker and the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin attends the show and receives head and face injuries when his Jaguar is involved in a crash on the way home.
A sensation is caused at Queen's gig in Madison Square Garden, New York City, USA, when a stream of naked females cycle across the stage during Fat Bottomed Girls.
Black Sabbath begin the first European leg of their Born Again tour at The National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England, UK, Europe. This tour will become famed for its use of a massive full-size replica of Stonehenge on stage. Unfortunately, the replica was so huge that it could not fit onto the stages in most of the venues on the tour, and later became parodied in the film Spinal Tap.
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The UK rock paper Sounds reports that Deep Purple have had to abandon plans to record their comeback album in the Von Trapp family mansion in Salzburg, Austria, Europe – famed for its appearance in the film The Sound Of Music – because local authorities have refused permission.
Ben And Jerry's Ice Cream announces the launch of a new flavour, Cherry Garcia, named in honour of The Grateful Dead's guitarist Jerry Garcia.
When Prince’s Lovesexy tour arrives at McNicolls Arena, Denver, Colorado, USA, the Denver Post reviewer is surprised when Prince comes over all holy and reveals to the audience that he is in love "not with a girl or boy, but with the heavens above" and goes on to explain that "God is alive inside us. He just wants to come out and play."
John Fogerty is cleared of plagiarism, following a bizarre lawsuit in which Fantasy Records claimed that Fogerty's 1985 US Top Ten single The Old Man Down The Road plagiarised the 1970 song Run Through The Jungle (which Fogerty himself had written while a member of Creedence Clearwater Revival).
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In Zales Jewellers, in a Simi Valley, California, USA, shopping mall, Michael Jackson is detained by security guard H.N.Edwards, for "looking suspicious" - he is wearing a wig, false moustache and fake teeth. Later, Jackson signs autographs for the guard and his comrades.
Johnny Cash is 'arrested' at a bizarre fund-raising event, The American Cancer Society Jail-A-Thon, in Hendersonville, Tennessee, USA. Johnny Cash is 'arrested' by Sgt. John Graves. Cash calls his friend Willie Nelson, who pledges $1,000 for his release. All monies go to the charity. At the end of the day the event has raised over $20,000 for charity.
For the first time in four and a half years, an entire month has passed without any record produced or written by Stock Aitken And Waterman appearing in the UK charts.
Per 'Dead' Ohlin, Swedish vocalist of black/death metal bands Mayhem and Morbid, finally lives up to his nickname by slitting his wrists and throat with a knife and then shoooting himself in the forehead with a shotgun, at home in Krakstad, Norawy, Europe. He leaves a brief suicide note, which apologizes for firing a gun indoors and begins, "Excuse the blood"...
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Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones becomes (arguably) rock's sexiest grandad when his daughter Jade gives birth to her first daughter, Assissi.
Lorena Bobbitt who chopped off her husband's penis, claiming it was in retaliation for him sexually assaulting her, is acquitted by a jury in Manassas, Virgina, USA, by reason of temporary insanity. Bobbitt's revenge will inspire several songs, including Bobbit Song by stand-up comedian Richard Morton and Lorena Bobbitt [2012] by Aaradhna. The Bee Gees also parodied their own song To Love Somebody as To Lose Your Penis on the Howard Stern Show in 1994.
Before Depeche Mode and Primal Scream play this night's gig at The Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas, USA, members of Primal Scream are arrested for swimming naked in the local river.
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A concert by Pearl Jam in Dallas, Texas, USA, is marred by the arrival on stage of shirtless, shoeless, inebriated basketball star Dennis Rodman who 'sings' Alive and Spin The Black Circle with the band. Rodman makes a fool of himself for about 45 minutes before finally leaving the stage.
Smashing Pumpkins’ manager Sharon Osbourne resigns from her job, claiming that frontman Billy Corgan is impossible to work with.
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In the first episode of series 2 of UK tv sitcom Phoenix Nights, the characters Max and Paddy sing Tony Christie's 70s hit single, [Is This The Way To] Amarillo, while driving a group of elderly Asian gentlemen to the mosque. The broadcast prompts public and media interest in the song which is, eventually, re-released and goes to No1.
Record producer and musician Roger Greenawalt performs his "Beatles Complete On Ukulele" concert for the first time, by playing all 185 original songs written by The Beatles in one day on ukulele with sixty guest singers at Elizabeth Streb's SLAM Action Lab in Brooklyn, New York City, USA.
Donny Osmond plays at B.B. King's, er, Blues Bar And Grill, New York City, USA.
During the MTV Europe Music Awards, Kanye West takes to the stage, interupting an award acceptance speech by Justice And Simian, and claiming that his video for Touch The Sky should have won because it "cost a million dollars and Pamela Anderson was in it."
When Faith Hill and Tim McGraw play a show in Lafayette, Louisiana, USA, a female fan reaches out and grabs McGraw's nether regions. When Hill and McGraw return for an encore, Hill berates the fan, declaring, "Somebody needs to teach you some class, my friend. You don't go grabbin' somebody else's, somebody's husband's [privates], you understand me? That's very disrespectful!"
It is reported that the city council of Blackpool, England, UK, Europe, has finally - after 44 years - lifted a ban imposed on The Rolling Stones to prevent the group from performing in the town. The ban started in 1964, after a riot broke out at a Stones' concert in The Empress Ballroom, Blackpool, UK, when guitarist Keith Richards kicked out at a fan who had scrambled onto the stage.
A new tv commercial campaign in which Iggy Pop promotes Swiftcover car insurance, begins in the UK.
Lady Gaga, somewhat scantily-clad, surprises onlookers at New York City, USA, strip joint HeadQuarters by performing a lap dance for boyfriend Matt Williams.
The Kings Of Leon abandon a live show at The Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, when a flock of pigeons persistently bombards the band with bird-droppings.
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The street sign for Joey Ramone Place in New York City, USA, is moved up twenty feet above ground level because it is the most often stolen street sign in the city. The street is named, of course, in honour of singer Joey Ramone of punk innovators The Ramones.
To dispel widespread rumours that he had been found unconscious in a room at the Empress Hotel in Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA, and was pronounced dead at a local hospital, Jon Bon Jovi posts a picture of himself on Twitter with a Christmas tree in the background and holding a note that reads, 'Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey. Dec 19th 2011 6.00'.
It is announced that a new religion, Kopimism, has been officially acknowledged by the Swedish government agency Kammarkollegiet. Followers of Kopimism believe that file sharing or copying is a religious activity. The music industry, on the other hand, believes file sharing is a crime and prefers to call it internet piracy.
Ukranian violinst Oleksandr Bozhyk creates a new world record by playing four violins simultaneously during a concert in The National Theatre, Lviv, Ukraine, Europe.
The world's first playable beer bottle is unveiled at The Semi-Permanent Gathering in Auckland, New Zealand, Oceania. Named the Beck's Edison Bottle, it is a one-off product based on Thomas Edison's cylinder recording system. The music etched into the bottle is Here She Comes by New Zealand band Ghostwave.
Country singing star Trace Adkins, reportedly in a drunken condition, gets into a fight with a Trace Adkins impersonator, during a cruise ship voyage to Jamaica, Caribbean. Having been sober for twelve years, Adkins checks into rehab when the ship docks in Jamaica.
Bez, real name Mark Berry, best known as the dancer with the band Happy Mondays, launches a bid to become a Member Of Parliament, on behalf of the newly formed Reality Party.
An analysis of Wikipedia articles by the University of Toulouse suggests that Frank Sinatra is the most important person in the English-speaking world, based on the methods used by Google to analyse Wikipedia pages and determine which individuals have the most important articles linking to them. Sinatra is followed by Michael Jackson and in third place is Pope Pius XII.
It is announced that a new Amnesty International anti-torture poster campaign in belgium, Europe, features the face of Iggy Pop. The poster image shows Iggy's face bloodied and beaten and quotes him as saying, "The future of rock and roll is Justin Bieber" - intended to convey the idea that only under torture would Iggy ever say such a thing.
The Word release their second LP, Soul Food, on Vanguard Records in the UK. (The band, whose debut LP was released fourteen years earlier, includes members of the North Mississippi Allstars)
Ed Sheer-Ham, a pig painted to look like Ed Sheeran, is among the exhibits in the Pigs Gone Wild art trail in Ipswich, Suffolk, England, UK, Europe. The pigs are auctioned to raise money for the St. Elizabeth Hospice, and Sheeran himself is the highest bidder for Sheer-Ham.