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Two inventors, Chichester Bell and Charles Tainter, apply for a patent on their new sound reproduction device, which they call the gramophone.
Gustav A. Brachhausen of Rahway, New Jersey, USA, files a patent for a device to automatically control the number of times a tune may be played on a coin-operated automatic musical instrument.
Brazilian priest and scientist Roberto Landell de Moura conducts an early public demonstration of wireless radio transmission in Sao Paulo, Brazil, South America, reaching a distance of approximately 8km from Alto de Santana to Paulista Avenue.
Harold W. Shonnard of New York City, USA, applies for a patent in respect of his invention of a self-playing musical instrument.
Friedrich Adolf Richter of Rudolstadt, Germany, Europe, applies for a patent for his invention of an improved type of star-wheel for music-boxes.
William Moerscher of Belvidere, New Jersey, USA, files a patent for a new and improved type of harp.
A patent is granted to a new and improved type of harp, invented by William Moerscher of Belvidere, New Jersey, USA.
Melville Clark of Chicago, Illinois, USA, is granted Patent No. US725824A for his invention of an improved type of bellows for musical instruments.
W.W. Saunders of Washington DC, USA, is granted Patent No. US726354A for his invention of an automatic playing attachment for pianos or other musical instruments of similar character.
Thaddeus Cahill is granted another patent in respect of an apparatus for generating and distributing music electrically. Cahill was an electronic music innovator, best-known as the inventor of The Telharmonium.
The modern style jukebox is born when Bertram C. Kenyon, Wilmur W. Boa, and Clifford H. Green apply for a patent for a coin-operated phonograph with a record changing mechanism. As a result, The American Musical Instrument Co [AMI] will introduce the first coin-operated, electrically amplified, twenty-selection phonograph based on a mechanical ten-record system that plays both sides of each disc.
A feature in the arts section of the Salt Lake Tribune, declares that "Mechanization is having its effect upon the presentation of music. It is possible to sit home and have a completely Varied program of music just by turning the dials of the radio. Quite often there will be a symphony, a part of an opera, a top-rank soloist, and always the ever-present jazz. Radio Is not killing the desire for flesh and blood musical performances. Audiences may be more discriminating, but their appetite for the best is whetted and not killed by the radio."
Kodak announces the launch of Kodachrome, a new type of film. Paul Simon's 1973 song, Kodachrome, will be inspired by this invention.
James Petrillo, president of the American Federation of Musicians, bans his members from making records, which he claims is a threat to the livelihood of musical performers. The AFM demands that record producers pay a royalty for each commercial disk sold to the public. Union members are also prohibited from recording soundtracks for 'soundies', filmed performances to be played on specially adapted jukeboxes.
US Patent Serial No. 193,229 is filed by Roman E. Shvetz of New York City, USA, for his invention of a combination Rocking-chair and musical-box.
Jimmy Murphy records Electricity, Mother Where Is Your Daughter, Big Mama Blues and We Live A Long Long Time, at Brown Radio Productions, 240 1/2 4th Avenue North, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
Lennie Tristano records Ju-ju and Pastime for East Wind Records in Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey, USA. Tristano will be widely criticised for using multi-track studio techniques to add extra piano parts to his compositions on this and other albums.
A 3-D short feature film, billed as Hollywood's First Musical Featurette In 3-Dimension, starring Nat King Cole, Russ Morgan And His Orchestra and The Mar-Vels, is released by Universal-International to cinemas in the USA.
Gibson Guitars patent their distinctively-shaped Flying V guitar.
RCA Victor becomes the first company to issue all pop singles simultaneously in mono and stereo.
Composition For Synthesizer, the first piece of music specially composed for electronic music synthesiser, is presented by Milton Babbitt at Columbia University, New York City, USA.
It is reported that the Music City record store in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA, has doubled its sales of audio albums by allowing customers to preview them in-store by listening on headphones.
During a B.B. King gig at The Generation Club, New York City, USA, Jimi Hendrix jams with B.B. King, Paul Butterfield, Elvin Bishop, David Sanborn, Buzzy Feiten and Al Kooper. Hendrix records the jam using his personal Sony two-track reel-to-reel recorder, and some tracks will appear on the posthumous LP Jimi Hendrix - Bleeding Heart.
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AIR Studios, founded by Sir George Martin (best-known as the producer for The Beatles) opens it first facility, consisting of four studios, on the fourth floor of 214 Oxford Street, London, England, UK, Europe.
David Vetter, a child known to be suffering from a rare life-threatening genetic disease [severe combined immune deficiency syndrome (SCID)], is born in Houston, Texas, USA. Less than ten seconds after being removed from his mother's womb, David is placed into a plastic germ-free environment which will be his home for most of the twelve years of his life. He will become internationally-famous as The Boy In The Bubble, and the phrase will inspire the title of a 1986 Paul Simon song to indicate the many and varied ways in which science interacts with contemporary society.
Don Zimmerman, Capitol Records' Senior Vice President, Marketing, annnounces that the label is rush-releasing three 8-track Quad tapes in the new Quadtrack format, costing $7.98. Included in the release are John Lennon's Walls And Bridges, Glen Campbell's Reunion and The Righteous Brothers Give It To the People.
A Russian language version of Conway Twitty's 1970 hit, Hello Darlin' is broadcast worldwide as part of the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project. Twitty had worked with a University of Oklahoma language professor to record a phonetic Russian version of the song, with the Russian title Privet Radost. The song is perceived as a "gesture of goodwill" from the Apollo crew to the Soviet Union's Soyuz crew.
When the Voyager space probe lifts off to explore beyond the solar system, Chuck Berry's Johnny B. Goode is included on the ship's record of examples of notable music from planet Earth.
EMI announces increased profits, despite an 11.4% drop in sales, for the last six month accounting period. The company also announces that it will be more actively promoting the digital downloading aspect of music sales.
Paul McCartney posts a message on his wife, Heather Mills’, website, refuting accusations made against her by the media. She doesn't make decisions for him, he says, didn't tell him to dye his greying hair, and gets along just fine with his kids.
When The Decemberists play at The TLA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, the show is recorded and is released as an 'Instant Live' live LP, available at the venue immediately after the show.
At Benaroya Hall, Seattle, Washington, USA, Bob Dylan and Norah Jones perform live in a one-off webcast concert celebrating the 10th anniversary of internet retailer Amazon.com.
The EVH Wolfgang, an allegedly unbreakable guitar designed by Eddie Van Halen and named after his son, makes its public debut at the NAAM Show in Anaheim, California, USA.
The government of France, Europe, passes legislation that would allow internet service providers to cut the internet connections of customers who download copyright-protected music and video files illegally after "three strikes".
Storm The Charts, a Facebook campaign aimed at filling the UK singles chart with new, unsigned and independent acts, begins.
Kanye West, formerly an outspoken critic of Twitter, finally opens his own Twitter account and immediately gains over 150,000 followers.
At the stroke of midnight on New Year Lady Gaga posts a photograph of her naked posterior on her Twitter site in order to promote the imminent arrival of her next single, Born This Way.
21 by Adele becomes the second album to sell a million downloads in the USA.
Drummer and songwriter J. Tillman announces via his Tumblr site that he has left Fleet Foxes.
The book Predators: The CIA's Drone War on al Qaeda by Brian Glyn Williams is published by Potomac Books in the USA and UK. When Matt Bellamy of Muse reads this book, he will be inspired to write the songs for the band's concept album Drones.
In a British tv interview, Canadian dentist Dr Michael Zuk reveals his plans to clone John Lennon of The Beatles using samples of his DNA.
The Sixth Annual No Music Day takes place in Nigeria, Africa. The event, organised by the Nigerian Music Industry Coalition, is designed to focus attention on the widespread infringement of the rights of composers, song writers, performers, music publishers and other stakeholders in the Nigerian music industry. As part of activities of No Music Day 2014, the coalition requests all broadcast stations and major users of music across the country not to broadcast music between the hours of 9am-10am on the day as a mark of solidarity with the nation’s creative industry which is being devastated by massive copyright infringement.
With no fanfare, Apple quietly drops the iPod Classic from its product range.
Taylor Swift unexpectedly removes her music from Spotify. It is later revealed that her YouTube views jumped 92% in the succeeding few days.
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Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran sets a new record for the most audio streams in a week (1,638,000) in the UK's Official Singles Chart. The streaming record was previously held by Mr Probz’s Waves (1,632,000). This is also the day on which Thinking Out Loud reaches No1 in the Official Singles Chart.
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Via a handwritten note posted on her Facebook page, Bjork announces the imminent release of her new LP, Vulnicura.
Lady Gaga Tweets that she has just worn "my own personal Iron Maiden "NUMBER OF THE BEAST" tee-shirt on a major fashion cover" (for the magazine Fashion Book, Issue 7).
It is announced that a Lemmy Kilmister Tribute Mod has been launched, enabling players of the game Grand Theft Auto to play using the recently-decesaed Motorhead frontman as their avatar. Players are reportedly able to "make Lemmy drink, smoke, rock out on the guitar, ride a bad ass chopper, and throw Molotov cocktails, just like the real Lemmy."